Spicy Tommy's Margarita
Spicy Tommy's Margarita

Spicy Tommy's Margarita

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Born in Mexico. Raised in California. A modern classic with a Black Lines kick.

How to Serve

  1. Get the bottle and a couple of coupes in the fridge before serving. The colder the better
  2. Grab a rocks glass, this can also be chilled before serving.
  3. Fill the rocks glass with a healthy amount of ice.
  4. Pour 100ml per serve (125ml if you are using a large glass) into the rocks glass
  5. Simply top with a lime wedge and or chilli top.

    Alcohol: 12.7%

    Name of Producer: Black Lines

    Ingredients: Olmeca Tequila Blanco, Agave, lime & chilli

    Serves: 5 at 100Ml

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