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 The Hackney Art Trail, organised and curated by Anna McHugh, is a walk through the most lively streets of Hackney. Four different spots in three key locations - Broadway Market, Wilton Way and Lower Clapton road - showcase artworks by YiMiao Shih, Emma Witter, Rafaela De Ascanio, Juliet Sugg and Bonnie & Clyde. 

Mad Atelier proudly presents ceramics and paintings by Rafaela De AscanioRafaela de Ascanio (b.1986) lives and works in London. She completed her Fine Art Foundation at Central St Martins in 2006, then went on to study at The Courtauld Institute of Art, completing her MA in 2010.
"Rafaela’s paintings and sculptures work in tandem, compiling layers of iconography and exchanging symbols to explore the female experience through differing processes. Her paintings have a tropical colour palette, attributed to her early years spent in the volcanic Canary Islands. She sculpts clay into anatomical forms that are glazed with flowing circular narratives and fired to create enduring stone bodies. Rafaela portrays the female in defiant guises, empowering both her and the viewer." 
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  • Rafaela De Ascanio Limited Edition Hand Painted Foot Sculpture
    Rafaela De Ascanio Limited Edition Hand Painted Foot Sculpture
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