Wooden Chopping Board
Wooden Chopping Board
Wooden Chopping Board

Wooden Chopping Board

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Customization of SKERU cutting board for MAD ATELIER made of 19 mm thick natural beech steamed. It is a very special chopping board because it has been thought out with great care to reduce both the working cycle and the waste of material and to obtain from the same beech panel all the functional components that make up the product:

1. The horizontal plane

2. Comfortable and ergonomic handle

3. A waste of workmanship, useful to hold the other 2 components inside the packaging.

The horizontal plane has a “half-cut” slit and with the appropriate tolerances so that the handle is easy to fit when the cutting board is to be used, or remove it when it must put away.

The packaging consists of a simple cardboard sheet on which the waste of workmanship is glued, which allows blocking all the components; the cardboard completely wraps the elements, guaranteeing adequate protection.

Handmade in Italy

Designer: Alessio Zanzarella


Small L 30 cm

Large L 45 cm



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