Lavender, Vetiver & Clary Sage Pillow Spray 100ml

Lavender, Vetiver & Clary Sage Pillow Spray 100ml

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If you’re struggling with sleep, whether that’s getting to sleep in the first instance or staying asleep, our calming combination of essential oils can help!

Bouclé's utterly hypnotising blend of Lavender, Vetiver & Clary Sage will be sure to infuse your bedroom with relaxation, just when you need it most.

Shake well before each use to blend the oils & spritz 3-5 times around the bedroom and across the pillow. Hold at arm’s length from the pillow as spritzing the mist directly onto the pillow may cause staining.

Bouclé only derive their scents from 100% pure essential oils as do not believe that synthetic chemicals and fragrances should be inhaled.

Comes in an apothecary style amber glass bottle presented in a brown card box with crinkle card stuffing.

For more information, please contact us at or visit us in our showroom in Hackney.
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