"Dazed and Confused" Perspex Earrings
"Dazed and Confused" Perspex Earrings

"Dazed and Confused" Perspex Earrings

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A mash up of minds and lines. Celebrate the meeting of two brains and the intersection of a mutual love for graphic design and wearable art. From the collaboration between graphic artist extraordinaire Camille Walala and yours truly comes the dazed and confused earrings. Made from red, beige, blue and black inlaid perspex with a laminate backing. These are medium weight earrings.

Designer and jeweller Nikita Majajas has been exploring renegade aesthetics since the 90’s as a fashion designer, shoe-maker and costume stylist specialising in outrageous self-expression, explosive color and highly playful forms.

Size: W 7.5 x H 5 cm

Material: Perspex

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