Occhio di Terra Malvasia, Caravaglio

Occhio di Terra Malvasia, Caravaglio

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Nino (Antonino) Caravaglio comes from a historical family of Salina, the central island of the archipelago. In Salina, agriculture has always played a fundamental role, even surpassing that of fishing. For centuries, the key products of the economy of this land were wine and capers. Due to the early death of his father, it was the determination and sacrifice of his mother that supported Nino through schooling, at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Catania. He inherited 2 hectares of vineyards and began his adventure in 1989, with the goal of developing the quality of the product. Aiming at quality immediately meant an important choice: organic farming. Today, the Azienda Agricola Caravaglio has about 20 hectares, divided into many parcels, some of which are on the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago as well. Nino manages the entire supply chain, from production to sale of the bottled wine, with insights that have opened to innovative ways, without ever betraying history and traditions.

The wine presents itself as yellow with golden reflections. The palate has notes of fresh fruit with yellow flesh and hints of Mediterranean flowers. The acidity is muted and the wine has a long, rich finish. The grape variety “Malvasia di Lipari” is pure, powerful and finely expressed.

Salina has volcanic and sandy soils.

Vines are cultivated in vineyards on the island of Lipari with maximum respect for nature. They originate from a specific selection of Malvasia from Lipari that grew on the island of Salina. Only native yeasts feature in this wine and maceration on the skins takes place in steel tanks for 10 days.

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Vintage: 2022

Alcohol: 13% ABV

Producer: Antonio Caravaglio

Name of Grapes: 100% Malvasia (di Lipari)


Origin: Salina Island off northern Sicily

Style: pure, powerful and finely expressed

Bottle size 750ml

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